Original Art Stories: JLA #22 Splash Page

There's not much I want to say about this, but to state that it's always a good thing to see such pieces of art that managed to survive the years.  I generally question the veracity of such Silver Age art as I'm aware that a lot of it never made it's way back to the original artists, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating it.  You can find this art on eBay at the moment, do a search for JLA #22 splash page and go ahead and make a bid.  It's a bit out of my price range, but then again, it'd look nice framed up and on the wall.

The art down the sides and at the top are original, drawn by Mike Sekowsky and inked by Bernard Sachs, the lettering was done by the legendary Gaspar Saladino and the story was the second part of the first ever Justice League of America and Justice Society of America team-up, the original Crisis!  This is where it all started.


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